User Manual

Before starting the tourguide system

  • Make sure the microphone or headset is connected to the transmitter and the earpiece is connected to the receiver. Check if the microphone/headset/earpiece plug is properly inserted into the socket.
  • Make sure that disposable batteries or charged Ni-MH batteries (+ to +, – to -) are inserted correctly in each device. For a system with a built-in battery, check the charge level.

Correct start-up of the tourguide system

  • Begin by starting the transmitter (or transmitters in the case of a system that allows for the operation of more than 1 transmitter on the same channel) and selecting the desired transmission channel.

Most popular tourguide systems allow for the operation of only one transmitter on one channel.

The operation of 2 transmitters on the same channel will cause interference or no transmission.


  • If the transmitter has a microphone sensitivity adjustment setting, make sure it is not too low. This also applies to the “mute” function.
  • Start all receivers. The transmission channel should be set manually or by means of channel synchronisation (if available in a given model) to the same one on which the transmitter is located.
  • Check that the volume on the receivers is not too low.

Tourguide system power management

a) Disposable batteries

  • One battery bar on the display or a red LED on the device indicates low battery. Replace the batteries with new ones, the device will work a maximum of 1 hour.
  • If the batteries run out too quickly, insert new ones and check their working time, you can also try to insert batteries from another manufacturer.
  • Low or high temperature can affect battery life.

b) Batteries and built-in batteries

  • One battery bar on the display or a red LED on the device indicates low battery. Place the device in the charger (if the device has a micro USB input – it can be charged via a USB cable).
  • It is best to charge devices with batteries 1 day or several hours before use.
  • Battery charging time in a special charger depends on the model and the degree of battery discharge. For a fully discharged battery, the charging time is from about 5h to 12h for the most capacious batteries. Leaving devices in the charger overnight will not cause overcharging or any damage to the equipment.
  • Remember to replace used batteries with new ones periodically. Depending on the manufacturer and battery capacity, the cycles (cyclical discharge and recharge) can range from 500 to 1500.
It is not recommended to connect more than one charger to the extension cord.


Transmission interruptions/no transmission – possible solutions

  • check if the transmitter/receiver is turned on
  • check that the transmitter and receiver are on the same channel
  • check that the transmitter/receiver is not muted
  • check if 2 transmitters are not working on the same channel
  • check the transmission quality on another channel
  • check if the microphone/headphones are damaged – test the receiver with the earpiece and the transmitter with the microphone, which you are sure operate correctly.
  • check if the battery is not discharged – test the device with a battery/rechargeable battery that works in another device (you are certain that it is not discharged)
  • restart the tourguide system (turn it off and on again)

Technical support and service

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