mGuide Pellegrino 2 – User Manual

Diagram and Instructions



1. Power On/Off/Mute
2. Channel up/down
3. Microphone input
4. Micro-USB charging port
5. Battery compartment and 2pcs AA batteries
6. Lanyard connection point


1. Power On/Off
2. Channel adjustment and volume up/down
3. Earphone output
4. Micro-USB charging port
5. Battery compartment and 2pcs AA batteries
6. Lanyard connection point

LCD Display and Illustration


Operating Instructions

Microphone and Earphone Connection

Connect the microphone to the 3.5mm socket on the transmitter and the earphones to the 3.5mm socket on the receiver. Make sure the connectors are properly inserted in place.

Power On and Off

Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn the system on and off

Energy saving – Receiver will automatically power off if no signal is received after about 20min.

How to select a channel

The channel is preset to . If you wish to select a different channel, press and   buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. The sign starts flashing. Press or button to select your desired channel. Press button briefly to confirm the selected channel or wait for approximately 10 seconds to automatically store the selected channel.

Note: Make sure that the transmitter and receiver(s) operate on the same channel. The receiver display will keep flashing when no transmission signal is being received. (Ref Q & A 􀃑 Q2)

Channel memory
TG-108 can automatically memorize the channel number. It will set to the last used channel when power on next time.

Channel SYNC – Automatic channel synchronization between transmitter and receiver
Due to interference or other factors that require channel changes, the system provides an easy way to sync the entire group to a new channel.
Please make sure the transmitter and receiver are on the same channel and are connected. Changing the channel of the transmitter will also wirelessly synchronize the channel of the receiver.

How to adjust the Volume


Press the power button “ ” to mute the transmitter and press again to resume. The display shows blinking “ ” in muted state.


Press the / button to adjust the volume, the display will show the new volume level “ (mute) to (maximum)”, then automatically return to the channel number screen after a short display.

If the volume is set to “” , the receiver will be muted and the volume “” will remain on the display.

Volume memory

TG-108 will memorize the volume level. It will automatically set to the last used volume when power on next time.

Battery Autonomy

A new or fully charged battery provides system long continuous run time with a receiver of approximately 32 hours and a transmitter of 24 hours; however, please note that actual battery life varies based on user setting, usage patterns, environmental condition, battery’s manufacturer and other factor.
When the battery icon shows blank and flashes , replace the battery or charge the rechargeable battery immediately.

Replace the battery

Step 1 Open the battery compartment cover
Step 2 Replace with 2pcs new AA batteries. (make sure you follow the correct polarity)
Step 3 Close the battery compartment cover

Recharge the rechargeable battery

Do not attempt to recharge a non-rechargeable battery!

Charge the battery immediately with a USB-certified adapter and a Micro-USB to USB cable.

System’s charging current is set to approx. 255 mA, and to avoid overcharging, the built-in safety timer will terminate the charging action after 16 hours of continuous charging.

Reboot or Restart when the LCD display is Frozen or Stuck

In the unlikely event that your tour guide system becomes frozen and unresponsive, you can attempt a force shut down by removing the battery, then put the battery back again and restart your guide system.

Q & A

” and “” Sign is displayed on Transmitter
 Check if the volume is muted.

 The content on the LCD display of my receiver is flashing
This indicates that no transmission signal is being received. Make sure your transmitter is powered on, and the receiver is within the normal receiving range. Both transmitter and receiver are operated on the same channel and same frequency.

To ensure proper signal being received, set transmitter and receiver at least 10~30 cm apart. System being placed too close will cause the transmitted signal arrived at the receiver saturated instantly, system will then collapse and receiver will muted.

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